The Oriental Cockroach is a shining dark brown or black in colour and can grow between 20 - 25mm in length.


                                                                  It thrives in cool damp areas such as basements, drains and areas under front porches.  They will mostly run rather than fly.

                                                                  They are known for their preference to feed on garbage and decay and are most commonly found around rubbish bins and

                                                                  leaf litters.



                                                                            THE AMERICAN COCKROACH

                                                                 The American Cockroach is a shining red - brown colour and can grow between 35 - 40mm in length.


                                                                  It lives on trees and prefers to run.  It will only fly in high very high temperatures.

                                                                  They prefer dark, humid, undisturbed areas such as subfloors, basements, kitchens, roof voids and bathrooms.

General Pests

Core Pest Management's qualified technicians are experienced in all types of Pest Control Services.  Pests can be a risk to your home, your family and your pets so annual General Pest Control treatments are recommended to prevent pests from having the opportunity to establish themselves in your home.

Core Pest Management provides their clients with a warranty for peace of mind and the convenience of staying at home while the treatment is carried out.  Even your pets can stay at home but one of our technicians will advise you to possibly restrain your pets until the treatment is dry.

Core Pest Management's General Pest Controls Services cover but is not limited to:

  • Spiders

  • Ants

  • Cockroaches

  • Silverfish

  • Wasps and bees

  • Bed bugs

  • Bird mites

  • Midges

  • Mosquitoes

  • Fleas

  •  Funnel Ants

  •  Green Ants

                                                                           THE AUSTRALIAN COCKROACH

                                                                 The Australian Cockroach is brown overall with sharply contrasting pale or yellow margins and grows to a length of

                                                                 between 25 - 35mm.  It enters buildings at night from garden beds and debris.  

                                                                 They are generally prevalent in areas where winters are relatively mild and despite its name, it is not a native species.

                                                                 It is a very mobile cockroach and its wings allow it to be quite a capable flier.



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                                                                            THE GERMAN COCKROACH

                                                                 The German Cockroach is easily identifiable by 2 dark longitudinal stripes on their pronotum, running from behind their head to

                                                                 the base of their wings and adults can reach a length of 12 - 15mm.

                                                                 German cockroaches are most commonly found indoor.  They prefer wet, humid conditions and are typically found in kitchens

                                                                 and bathrooms.  They are considered one of the most troublesome domestic pests.